Welcome to Calluna!
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I am so excited to be sharing my jewelry in this space! I’d like to tell you the story of how I came to metalsmithing and a bit about my practice. 

My jewelry making began with classes at Spruill, a wonderful community arts center in my hometown of Atlanta. I remember walking into that building attached to the library with its sixties windows and hallways filled with students’ art. It was a cold day at the beginning of a new year and I was full of that particular excitement that comes with learning something new.

Before I came to Spruill, I had been craving a new creative medium. I was working long hours at a career I did not love. Learning to form metal into new shapes excited me. I found flow. I found teachers. I rethought how I wanted to spend my hours, and dreamed of reshaping my life to spend more time making things with my hands.

I kept working at the job I had and making jewelry in my off hours. I fell in love and got married and moved to San Francisco. Here in San Francisco, I found a new space to work and started experimenting with lost wax casting. I had time in my new city to delve deeper into my creative practice through both play and repetition. I also began to work on this space to share my jewelry.

Nearly five years after my start with metal, I’ve built this little online shop. However you found me, I’m sure glad you’re here! Human hands, and what we can do with them, thrill me. I’m deeply grateful that I can make jewelry with mine.  The jewelry I make is either fabricated in metal or carved out of wax and then cast into metal.  Each piece of jewelry represents real time and attention.  When you wear my work, I want you to feel the care that went into it and to know that we are now a part of each other’s stories. 

Heather Weaver