We use fair-mined 14k gold, sterling silver, and lead-free bronze for our pieces.

Our 14k gold will last lifetimes if treated with care. It will not tarnish, but it can get scratched and dulled. Keep your gold pieces in a cloth bag or jewelry box away from other pieces that could scratch them when you aren't wearing them. Gold should be kept away from chlorine and harsh chemicals and cleaners. Cleaning your gold jewelry with with warm sudsy water and drying with a polishing cloth from time to time will help it keep its shine over the long haul.

Our sterling silver and bronze will naturally patina with time as they are exposed to the air, your skin, and moisture. If you prefer to keep your jewelry shiny, keep it in an airtight container when you are not wearing it in order to slow down the oxidation process; when it's time to bring it back to a high shine, we recommend using a polishing cloth. For bronze, a gentle cleaner may be necessary for deeper cleaning. We recommend keeping your silver and bronze pieces dry. Your jewelry should be kept away from harsh chemicals and cleaners.

When considering our bronze bracelets and rings, please note that the copper component of the bronze in our pieces may oxidize against your skin over time, possibly leaving a green mark. There are a few ways to prevent this. The first is to keep your jewelry clean and dry, as described above. The other is to coat the inside of your piece with a coating of clear nail polish to create a barrier between your skin and the bronze. We love bronze for its durability and relative affordability compared to gold, and hope you will too!  We think using bronze in our pieces is ultimately more durable and ethical than plating pieces in gold that will flake and wear out.