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Our Story


Hi! I’m Heather, the founder of and designer behind Calluna. 

I believe creativity is a fundamental part of being human. I learned this as a child, playing with paints in my mother’s studio and studying my father’s mineral collection. I learned it writing bad poetry in college. I learned it the hard way, working for corporations in my 20s. Now I know that we make things to tell each other that we are not alone.

I started Calluna as a framework to create beautiful, clean-swept collections for women who are engaged with the world and who are working toward a future better than our present. My first collection brings inspired fine jewelry to market.

Each piece in the collection is made by hand in California through a combination of fabrication and lost-wax casting techniques, using fair-mined and recycled materials.

Calluna is a small brand. In fact, I am a one-woman show. I view this as one of my key strengths. Calluna is not design by committee, calibrated to appeal to as many people as humanly possible. Rather I have a distinct point of view. I make things out of my experience, my ideas, and with my own two imperfect hands.

When we invite other people and their work into our lives, we end up with something unique. We support real people. We become part of each other’s stories.

I am here to imagine, create, and share my work with other women within a context that is personal, ethical, and slow. My first collection exists for women who want to express themselves in modern ways; for women looking for talismans; for women proclaiming themselves.